Awards and Recognitions

CUES Teacher of the Year Award:

Trena Barlow, Wayne School District

Trena Barlow

Mrs. Trena Barlow has taught at Loa Elementary School in Wayne School District for 16 years. She graduated from SUU in 1998 with a BS in Elementary Education and a minor in Biology. She has since gone back to school and received a math endorsement. In her time as a classroom teacher, she has served on many school and district committees. She seldom shirks from a task. She is known as a school leader and mentor. She currently serves on the Wayne District Technology Committee and the school At Risk Team.  She is a member of Wayne Education Association and has served on our school Parent Teacher Organization. Mrs. Barlow has taught 3rd, 4th and 5th grade. Mrs. Barlow was selected as Teacher of the Year in Wayne School District in 2014. When our school has had to combine classes due to teacher shortages or reduction in number of students, Mrs. Barlow often volunteers to teach large classes and she does it without complaint and is still able to get student results.

Over the course of the last few years, our 5th grade RISE and Acadience scores have continually seen growth with Mrs. Barlow as the lead in 5th grade. Mrs. Barlow uses task-based instruction and questioning techniques to elicit deep mathematical understanding and rich student discourse. Mrs. Barlow grew up with a high school science teacher for a father. This created her love for science. Conveying a love for science and creating inquiry lessons and activities for students are Trena’s trademarks.

Current and former students and parents laud Mrs. Barlow’s efforts to create a supportive and inclusive environment in her classroom as well as school wide. Mrs. Barlow is an asset to Wayne School District, the education community and makes a difference in the lives of the students that she teaches.


NUES Teacher of the Year Award:

TBD , School District








SESC Teacher of the Year Award:

TBD, San Juan School District 







SEDC Administrator of the Year Award:

TBA,  School District








Friends of Education: Brittney Cummins

Britteny Cummins

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Dedicated Service Award

Selene Corbridge


 Selene Corbridge is the Office Manager for Southwest Educational Development Center in Cedar City, UT. She is responsible for the daily operation and activities of the center. These responsibilities include; tracking of revenue, accounts payable and receivable, requisitions for purchase orders, preparing payroll, preparing invoices for assessments, and monitoring employee contracts. Selene prepares correspondence for SEDC’s Executive Board and keeps minutes for their monthly board meetings.

In addition, Selene is the Administrator for the Southwest Sterling Scholar program. This includes managing budgets, planning board meetings, scheduling and working to have everything run smoothly.

Lastly, Selene is a welcoming presence in the office. She answers phones, greets visitors and maintains a professional atmosphere for those who visit and work at SEDC.