URSA Conference Credit Options

There are two credit options for your attendance at the 2024 URSA Conference.  Both require that you complete the reflection assignment.

  1. SUU Professional Development Credit
    1. 5000-level graduate credit recorded on an official SUU transcript (EDPD 5264)
    2. Cost - $23
    3. This option requires that you attend the whole conference and participate in all keynotes and presentation sessions while also completing the reflection assignment
    4. To register for SUU credit follow the three steps detailed here!  Please note that if you don’t already have an SUU T number, it will take up to 48 hours to complete that step in the registration process.  SUU Policies.
    5. If you run into any issues, please feel free to email k12inservice@suu.edu or call 435-865-8085
    6. SUU will also have a booth at the conference 


  1. USBE Relicensure Points
    1. Up to 11 points available (21 if you are a presenter)
    2. Cost – Free
    3. Receive 1 point for every section you complete of the reflection assignment

The deadline for both credit options is July 30, 2024.