The purpose of Utah Rural Schools Association (URSA) is to improve instruction in rural elementary and secondary schools in Utah.

The mission of the Utah Rural Schools Association is to advocate for educational equity in Utah’s rural school districts to help them meet the educational goals and needs of their students.

Therefore, URSA holds the following specific purposes, to:

  1. Help rural schools and districts identify and meet their educational goals.
  2. Improve communication among rural schools, the State Office of Education, institutions of higher learning, regional education service centers, the public, and other agencies.
  3. Coordinate programs and activities and to provide sharing of services, resources, and information among the members of URSA.
  4. Provide a unified voice to all citizenry, local boards, elected public officials, and legislative bodies that have impact on Utah’s rural schools.
  5. Encourage the development of stronger pre-service and in-service training of teachers and administrators in rural schools.

URSA is governed by a Board of Directors. Board membership consists of representatives from the rural district superintendents, elementary classroom teachers and principals, secondary classroom teachers and principals, regional service center directors, Utah State Board of Education, Utah Colleges of Education, district school board members, Utah School Boards Association Board of Directors, Utah Education Network, Superintendent from the Utah State Office of Education and a superintendent from an urban school district.