Sevier County Things to See and Do

There are many things to see and do in Sevier County! Whether you are planning on coming out a day early or staying a day longer, or your family is need of entertainment while you are attending the conference,  there are ample of things for all to do! The Valley offers plenty of opportunities to enjoy nature either on foot, bike, or ATV, see a bit of history, do a little fishing or swimming, take it easy at a park, test your hand at golf, or various other activities. Check out the list below.  If you are interested, here is a little history of Sevier County for your reading enjoyment.

Museums/Historic places


Daughters of Utah Pioneers Museums, County-Wide

Richfield City Park

Staples Art Center (Elsinore)

Richfield Lion's Park and Skate Park

Camp Salina- German POW camp

Richfield Rotary Park

Freemont Indian State Park

Monroe Lion's Park

Jensen's Lime Kiln (Richfield)

Salina City Park

Camp Alma Relic Hall (Monroe)

Aurora City Park

Miss Mary's Historical Museum (Salina)

Monrovian Park (Monroe)

Fort Omni Belltower (Richfield)

Richfield Centennial Park

Cove Fort (not really Sevier County, but close enough- and it's pretty cool.)


Richfield Tabernacle

Other Activities/Sites

Elsinore White Rock Schoolhouse

Paiute ATV/OHV Trail


BMX course (Richfield)

Swimming Pools & Water Fun

Mountain Bike Trail systems (Richfield)

Richfield City Pool

Big Rock Adventure (Marysvale Canyon)

Salina City Pool

Richfield Welcome Center

Mystic Hot Springs (Monroe)


Splash Pad (Central)

Huish Real Theatre (Richfield)

Sevier River rafting, Big Rock Mountion Resort

Redmond Mine- tours


Old Spanish Trail


"Pando," the Earth's single most massive living organism

Cove View Golf Course (Richfield)

Richfield Public Library

Disc Golf (Richfield)

Jorgensen's Bowling (Richfield)

Hillside Mini golf (Austin)

Richfield City walking/biking path


Candy Mountain Express Bike Trail


Archery Range (Aurora)

Fish Lake

Fishlake National Forest

Johnson Reservoir (Fish Lake Hightop)

Shooting Range (Richfield)

Otter Creek State Park


Clear Creek (Clear Creek Canyon)


Salina Creek (Salina Canyon)

ATV: Adam Outdoor Adventure (Richfield)

Big Lake (Cove Mountain)

Bowery Haven (Fish Lake)

Sevenmile Creek (Fish Lake Hightop)

Big Rock Candy Mountain Resort (Marysvale Canyon)

UM Creek (Fish lake Hightop)

Salina ATV rental
Sevier River (Marysvale Canyon)

Gyms/fitness centers

Rex Reservoir

Life Time Fitness

Koosharem Reservoir

Impact Fitness

Manning Meadows Reservoir

Revolution 8 Fitness Camp