Utah's Trail Country


Sevier County has many lodging options for your conference stay.  If you are traveling to the conference alone or even brining along the entire family, you'll easily find accommodations to fit your needs. From hotels, RV parks, campgrounds, cabins, Caboose Village, or a Bed and Breakfast, Sevier County has something for you. Note, use the horizontal scroll bar on the bottom of the document below to view the "Special Instructions" as you make reservations.


The County is the home to many traditional and non-traditional eateries.  Whether you are in the mood for fast food or a sit down homemade meal, view the list below and see all there is to choose from in our little valley.



Arby's- 1425 N Main 

Bullies- 46 North Main

Bar96- 900 South Cove View Road

Phill My Taco Cafe- 515 North Main (inside GGs)

Burger King- 25 East 1100 South   

Buster's Cafe- 800 W 200 S (inside

Snow College Administration building)


Costa Vida- 950 West 1350 South

Carl's Junior- 259 S Hwy 89

Family Restaurant- 333 North Main (inside Days Inn)

Cowboy Corral- 19 North Center

Frontier Village- 1475 North Main 


Herb's Place- 980 Cove View Road (inside bowling alley)

Arby's- 1895 South State

Ideal Dairy- 490 South Main

Carl's Jr- 1659 South State

KFC/Taco Bell- 950 West 1250 South

Champs Chicken- 110 S State

La Gringa Taqueria- 545 South Main

Denny's- 1602 South State

Little Caesars- 178 West 1500 South

El Méxicano- 1425 South State

Little Wonder Cafe- 101 North Main 

Jose's Café- 1225 South State

Los 5 Amigos- 590 East 300 North 

Little Caesars- 2055 South State

Lotsa Motsa Pizza-  25 E. 1090 South

Lotsa Motsa- 255 S State

McDonald's- 1000 South Hwy 89

Mom's Cafe- 10 East Main

Munchies- 1155 South Hwy 118 (inside Larsen's Hardware)

Roy's Pizza-

Out Ta Lunch Deli- 78 North Main (inside Health Essentials)

Sho Time Pizza- 45 East Main

Pizza Hut- 1180 South Hwy 89 

Subway- 1475 South State

Sagebrush Grill- 1345 So. 350 W.

The Hot Spot- 115 West Main 

Sandi's Drive Inn- 704 Cove View Road

The Soda Barn- 94 East Main

South China Cafe- 298 North Main 


Starbucks- 250 South Main (inside Lin's)

Koosharem Cafe- 105 N Main

Steve's Steakhouse- 510 South Main

Napoleon's Pizza- 10 W 650 N

Subway- 1325 North Main 


Taco Time- 310 North 100 East

Fishlake Lodge- 1 North HWY 25

Wendy's- 1050 West 1250 South

Bowery Haven Resort- 869 North SR25

Wingers- 1080 West 1350 South


Marysvale Canyon

Big Rock Grill and Smokehouse- 4550 South HWY 89
Hoover's Cafe- 3718 North HWY 89